Social Media Guidelines 

Download this free Social Media Guidelines Template for your organisation whether you’re corporate, a school, government or business.

There are 3 different templates included: Conservative, Moderate and Unrestricted to suit all organisations.

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How to use the Social Media Guidelines Template

How to use these templates:

  1. Decide whether your organisation wishes to have conservative, moderate or unrestricted social media guidelines.
  2. Edit the Word document to include your organisation name (instead of XYZ Corporation), your logo and your Managing Director’s name (or equivalent). 
  3. Print the guidelines and get the Managing Director (or Headmaster) to sign the document. 
  4. Show all your employees, post it to the wall in your office and ask employees to commit to the guidelines.
  5. Ideally you would include the social media guidelines in your company’s employment or HR agreement as well. 

    This template is a ‘guideline’ or starting point to help your organisation make the most of the web. When you want to take the next step and get a more detailed social media policy, it is worth talking directly with a social media laywer. 

About The Authors

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