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LinkedIn Accelerator

Attract leads, fill your pipeline & win high value clients via LinkedIn in 20 mins a day

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For the last few years I've been running this LinkedIn Accelerator as in-person workshop around Australia where tickets have sold for $499.

Now it is available to you (at no cost) as a live, interactive Zoom experience from the comfort of your home office, anywhere in the world.

I update the material every time I run the workshop so that you are getting the latest, most up-to-date training.

Why attend the LinkedIn Accelerator?

In this Half Day LinkedIn Accelerator you will learn how to win high-value clients on LinkedIn. Specifically, you'll:

  • Get your LinkedIn Profile up to speed to attract ideal clients.
  • Develop a process to identify ideal future clients.
  • Develop an outreach plan to connect with ideal buyers.
  • Develop a 5 Step Nurturing System to convert contacts into clients.
  • See case studies of clients using LinkedIn to win high value clients elegantly.
  • Develop a LinkedIn activity plan to stay top of mind with your connections.
  • Walk away with an action plan for winning business on LinkedIn -- without spending money on ads..

    INSTANT BONUS when you register:
  • 11 PDF LinkedIn Guides and
  • a chapter of my book Web Marketing That Works.

UK/EU/: Thurs 10th Sept 2020

BST (London, UK)
8am Optimising your LinkedIn Profile
to attract your ideal future clients.

9.15pm: Finding your ideal clients in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree networks.

10.30pm: Win clients. Crafting your 5 Step Nurture System
to convert contacts into high-value clients.

: Attract leads at scale. Develop your LinkedIn Activity Plan to know what to publish to stay top of mind with your professional network.

Online workshop ends

AUS: Thurs 10th Sept 2020

AEST (Sydney, Brisbane)
5pm: Optimising your LinkedIn Profile
to attract your ideal future clients.

6.15pm: Finding your ideal clients in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree networks.

7.30pm: Win clients. Crafting your 5 Step Nurture System
to convert contacts into high-value clients.

Attract leads at scale. Develop your LinkedIn Activity Plan to know what to publish to stay top of mind with your professional network.

Online workshop ends

**This agenda reflects the different timezones. It is the same workshop**

About Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin - Bluewire Media


CEO, Bluewire Media

Author of Web Marketing That Works

Adam Franklin is the bestselling author of Web Marketing That Works.

He is an international social media speaker and CEO of Bluewire Media.  
His blog was Australia’s #1 Business Blog, his podcast was #9 on the top marketing podcasts in Entrepreneur magazine and he was named #7 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific.  

His work has featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post and iTunes.  

He's known for his popular marketing templates which have been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide and his weekly ‘Bluewire News’ email goes out to over 35,000 readers worldwide.



Where is the workshop?

It is an online workshop run via a Zoom Meeting. You'll be sent the link once you register.

How do I sign up to run a workshop?

Simply click the 'Save My Seat' or 'Register Now' buttons on this page. Enter your name and email and you'll be sent your free ticket.

What if I can't attend live?

If you the timing isn't convenient, you can order the recordings for $1 USD. Simply register for your ticket and then you'll be invited to purchase the $1 VIP Upgrade which gets you the recordings.

Will there be breaks?

Yes, we will take a 15 -30 minute break in between each 60 minute session.


The workshop will run as an interactive Zoom Meeting. For the best experience, you'll need:

  • A quiet area
  • A web cam
  • Some snacks and drinks
  • *Workbook will be provided


Deb Johnstone
“I am blown away by how much value I received in the space of a few hours.

I realised just how much I didn’t know about LinkedIn and received some incredible tools and practical action steps to make LinkedIn work effectively for my business.

What I loved most is the group discussions and brainstorming to help each others businesses.”

Nicky Jurd
“I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Franklin’s LinkedIn Accelerator today.

The best part was that it was very practical.

We spent a long time improving our profiles, and also learning about how best to structure communications with leads. I learnt a lot, and didn’t go home with a pile of homework.”

Dr Tyson Franklin
"This is the second time I have seen Adam Franklin speak and it was once again brilliant.

Today I attended his LinkedIn Accelerator workshop and it has really opened my mind up on how I can use LinkedIn for my business.

If you think you already know everything about LinkedIn…think again. You need to attend this workshop with Adam Franklin."

Google reviews of the workshop

I recently attended Adam Franklin’s LinkedIn Accelerator half day workshop. The workshop was excellent. So many great learnings around Adam’s business model & use of systems & processes in getting the best out of LinkedIn. Many thanks Adam - I now just need to implement your suggestions! (Haha!). 😎
~ Paul K

"I really enjoyed attending an Adam webinar on LinkedIn, his insights were mind blowing, and I recommend him for his professionalism on social media selling."
~ Gerardo H

Hi Adam, the LinkedIn Accelerator workshop was really awesome...enough to keep me up from 11pm to 4am 😄. I found the suggestion you made regarding the LinkedIn background photo to be quite ingenius - I have often wondered about how to go about it. Then there was the bit about filtering down one's market opportunity and making the connections...👌

Thank you very much for sharing. The Accelerator Workshop was really invaluable and I made some new friends too😃.
Syreeta A

Who this workshop is for:

Consultants, coaches, business advisors, professionals in high-trust, relationship-based B2B businesses work with high-value clients.

It’s also for the marketing managers and marketing assistants of these companies. Ideally your business is already successful and you want to grow via LinkedIn.

It’s perfect it you have:

  • High-value clients ($10k+ annual customer spend),
  • 10-20 years experience in your industry,
  • Valuable IP,
  • Existing clients,
  • Established revenue (ideally $5k - $10k+ in monthly revenue)
  • Strong personal network
  • Existing word of mouth referrals and ideally an internal resource to help them implement…

Perhaps you’ve got a weakness in LinkedIn, or you just been quite passive in utilising it and you know you can leverage it a lot more. Very often successful consulting business like yours already have all the “ingredients” to succeed online, but you don’t have the “recipe”. This workshop gives you the “recipe”.

It is best for successful consultants, coaches and advisors who work with high value clients.

Attendees who will benefit include financial advisors, doctors, IT professionals, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, wealth managers, dentists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, physios and marketing consultants.

Wins, Success Stories & Reviews

1000's of consultants, advisors and coaches have attended and achieved results like these.

Mark N - Accountant, Adelaide South Australia.

A high-value client accounting opportunity from a well optimised LinkedIn Profile.

Patricia, Trusted advisor to CEOs, San Diego, CA.

A high-value consulting opportunity ie. booked meeting with a hard to reach CEO in California.

Steve M, Mortgage and finance broker, Sydney, Australia.

A high-value mortgage broking opportunity from follow this LinkedIn system.